How Can I Benefit From Video On My Site?

01 Sep

Web videos are the new wave of excitement on the Internet. Anyone who doubts the power of web video need only explore the success of YouTube. In March 2009 YouTube had over 90 million visitors. This makes them one of the top visited sites on the Internet. That’s not too shabby. It has become increasingly obvious that people love to create web videos and they enjoy viewing them as well. Therefore why not benefit your website by utilizing this form of communication to your advantage by turning it into a prime marketing tool.

Web videos can benefit your site in three ways. First it can boost the traffic to your website. Second it can help you hold their attention once you get them there. Used correctly they can lead to successful sales conversions. The power of the written word has been well appreciated for hundreds of years but the potential power of web videos should not be ignored as well. The competition for traffic on the web is universally realized. The pace is fast and furious. Customers tend to click from site to site and will continue to do so unless something catches their eye. That something can be a web video.

Through the use of viral propagation you can use your videos to get your brand in front of the eyes of millions of potential visitors. You want to place your video around the Internet for as many to see as possible. There are many excellent sites that can do this for you. We have already mentioned YouTube. You can deliver your website message clearly and precisely on a web video. Many customers do not wish to take the time to read an entire article. They are attracted to short web videos that offer immediate solutions to their problems. This provides your marketing opportunity.

By displaying your brand throughout the Internet in the form of video you lay the foundation for boosting traffic back to your website. If anyone doubts the vitality of distributing your brand take a child past a McDonalds restaurant. Brand recognition is essential and very beneficial. Once you get the customer to your website you can use web videos to hook them and reel them in. Studies have shown that over 50 percent of users will click on a web video on a home page. That is where you want to start.

Use the video to draw them deeper into your web domain. Place videos in your product or service gallery next to the areas you want to market. Make sure that the customer has a clear path to finding what you have to offer and means of purchasing it. Use the web video to solve their problem or answer their question quickly. Long videos are like extended articles; they tend to hold a short attention span. Web videos can benefit your website if you give them the opportunity to do so.